Crofton, MD residents want to see Bratty Sisters

Bratty Sis is proof positive that we live in some pretty strange times. We have all spied on our sisters, or somebody else’s developing sister, at some point in our childhoods. Why? Because our sex hormones get pretty crazy once puberty hits and the same goes for the girls!

Banging one’s sister is pretty sick (for some reason), but what about banging a step-sister? Why not? With so many parents getting divorces there are a lot of mixed families out there and, heck, many single parents don’t even get remarried. So technically that Bratty Sis in the room next door to your room isn’t even your sister.

BrattySis new series trailer:

In this video Lucas Frost and his stepsister Kenzie Reeves seem to have similar taste in girls. They discover when Kenzie invites her friend and crush, Vanna Bardot, over. Vanna starts out making it clear she’s into Lucas while Kenzie is distracted in the kitchen. She whips Lucas’s dick out to give him a handie that leads to a deep throat BJ. Vanna wants more, so she and Lucas sneak out of the kitchen while hot step-sister back is turned. They make it into the living room, where Vanna has time to peel off her shorts and get the start of a doggy style pussy pounding. Then they move to the bathroom where there’s at least a door for privacy.
Vanna hops on the counter and is just enjoying Lucas’s dick inside her once again when Hot Step Sister bursts in on them. Angry and hurt, Kenzie kicks Vanna out. Once Kenzie has had some time to think about why she was unhappy. She invites Vanna back to apologize and talk it through. That’s how Vanna realizes that Kenzie is totally into her. So she draws the blonde in for a kiss that turns into the girls taking turns eating each other out while Lucas watches in secret. When Vanna sees Lucas lurking, she invites him to join in. Kenzie is reluctant, but eventually Vanna convinces her to take a spin on Lucas’s dick. Once Kenzie commits, the girls take turns eating each other out and enjoying Lucas’s charms until they’re both satisfied. Only then do they let Lucas get off with the help of a double BJ until he covers them both in cum.

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