Data Backup

Protect your valuable business data with Vector’s offsite backup solution



What is it?

Vector’s automatic offsite backup system is an easy and effective way to back up your valuable computer data. Vector’s backup system encrypts your important files, sends them over the Internet to our secure storage system, and archives them for easy recovery. In the event of data loss, recovering the information requires only a few mouse clicks.

Why should I switch?

Traditional backup systems that use tapes, DVDs, or other portable storage devices have several inherent problems. Company personnel must ensure that the backup media is changed and taken offsite daily, which is expensive and unreliable. The data is vulnerable to corruption, loss, and theft during transportation. Also, it’s not easily scalable: when the media fills up, an entire new system may need to be installed.

Why trust Vector with my data?

Once your data is sent to Vector’s servers, it is fully protected. Data is stored on dedicated servers in a state of the art computer center equipped with advanced cooling, fire protection, security, and power backup systems. In addition, your data is stored in multiple physical locations as an added safeguard. The stored information is fully encrypted with military strength algorithms, and your company holds the encryption key. This means no one else, including Vector, can access your data without the key.

How hard is it to switch?

Setting up Vector’s automatic offsite backup system typically takes less than 15 minutes. First, a small software application is installed on your computer. Second, the files that need to be backed up are selected. Finally, the backup is scheduled to occur at a specific time every day. Once the system is set up, it requires no maintenance.