Customer Resources


Mission critical outage resolution (24/7)

To get immediate support for mission-critical outages, call (301) 358-1690 and choose option 9 for the critical outage alert line.

Technical support (8AM-5PM M-F)

-Call (301) 358-1690 and choose option 1

Webmail login

Your username is your email address ( or

Email password management

This tool will allow you to change your Vector-provided email account password.

Hosting control panel login

The hosting control panel is a tool for managing hosting products such as websites and email. You can use this tool to add email accounts, modify spam and virus filtering settings, and more.

Digital voice service control panel login

The digital voice service control panel is a tool for managing features of your digital voice service, including voicemail, recent calls, call forwarding, and more.

Data backup service control panel login

This control panel provides access to your cloud backup service settings, and is an easy way to recover your files in the event of data loss.