Digital Voice

Cut your telecommunications costs with Vector’s flat rate telephone service


Service Quality

Vector’s digital voice service is provided through our own network facilities, which are designed to support quality voice communications. Unlike third party VoIP providers, we can actually guarantee service quality. We also provide full e911 support and a battery backup system to protect against power outages.

Low Bills

Low Monthly Bills

Vector’s business digital voice service is priced at a flat rate of $24.99/line/month, regardless of call volume. Call anywhere in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico without worrying about long distance fees or usage charges. You’ll only encounter usage fees for premium services such as directory assistance or operator calls.


Use Existing Equipment & Numbers

Vector’s digital phone service utilizes your existing telephone system—there’s no need to learn how to operate new equipment. Your existing telephone numbers can be easily transferred with minimal downtime.


Feature Set

A variety of features such as caller ID, call blocking, voicemail (with email delivery), cell phone forwarding, fax-to-email, and conference calling are provided at no additional cost.